10 Ways to Celebrate Holy Week Together

A grown-up's guide to explore the miracle of Easter with the kids in your life. Complete 1, some, or all 10 activities!


The way pretzels are shaped reminds us of the way early Christians would fold their arms to pray. Pray as a family and then enjoy a snack together.
Eat your favorite pretzel snack, use pre-made breadstick dough to form a pretzel and bake, or use the pretzel recipe below to make them from scratch.

2. Lego Challenge

Read the Bible story for each day of Holy Week (or just a few), and then recreate the story with Legos. The following are recommendations.

Palm Sunday: Read Matthew 21:8-9

Holy Monday: Read Matthew 21:12-13

Holy Tuesday: Read Mark 12:29-31

Holy Wednesday: Read Matthew 26:6-13

Maundy Thursday: Read Matthew 26:17-31

Good Friday: Read Isaiah 53:5

Holy Saturday: Read Isaiah 60:2

3. Host a Love Feast

What is a Love Feast?

The Love Feast, or Agape Meal, is a Christian fellowship meal recalling the meals Jesus shared with disciples during his ministry and expressing the koinonia (community, sharing, fellowship) enjoyed by the family of Christ. Your family and guests should gather around a table physically or virtually with bread and drink for all. The bread may be a loaf of ordinary bread, crackers, rolls, or a sweet bread baked especially for this service.

Opening Prayer: Dear God and Jesus, we give thanks for your goodness. You give food and drink to all people for our delight and enjoyment that we may praise and bless you even in days of trouble. Bless this food we are about to share. Make us mindful that Jesus is present with us whenever we gather in Your name. For Yours is the power and glory forever. Amen.

Read: Luke 24:13-32, and as you share in your bread and drink reflect on these questions:
• Like the men from Emmaus, How does Holy Communion help us as a church to recognize Jesus?
• As we thank God for the gift of food and drink, name one or two other things for which you are grateful.

Before your feast ends, share your praises with one another. Then pray for your family, friends, community, and world.

4. Make a Finger Labyrinth

Download and print the finger labyrinth. Then along the purple lines and space, fill it in with school glue and allow to dry. Once dry, you can close your eyes and follow the shape of the labyrinth with your finger. Use this time to be alone with God.

5. Egg a Friend's Home

Hide 12 eggs on your friend's front yard. Be sure to leave 1 egg empty (but fill the others with some treats)! Leave them a note from your family, and tell them the 12th egg is empty to remind us of the empty tomb. Invite them to church, or pray for them. If you'd like a kit email: [email protected]

6. Decorate Lamb Cupcakes

Jesus is often called, "the lamb of God". These cupcakes are a reminder of how much God loves us. As you decorate share what you love about one another.

Use your favorite cupcake recipe, marshmallows, and decorating gel to make these cute cupcakes!

7. Wash One Another's Feet

Jesus was a servant leader. The same way he washed away the dust on his disciples' feet before the Last Supper, wash one another's feet. As you do this, give a blessing. Praise them for their special gifts, how they help your family, and your hope for them. End by saying, "God loves you, God remembers you, God will always be with you."

8. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Split your family into teams (or invite friends to compete against), set a time limit and try to find as many of these Lenten and Easter Symbols as you can:
- Lamb
- Eggs
- Chicks
- Bunnies
- Cross
- Easter Basket
- Lilies
- Palm Fronds
- Butterfly
- Candles
- Something Purple
- Something White
- New Life
- Donkey
- Thorns

9. Volunteer, Serve, or Give to Others

Find ways as a family to volunteer your time together, or serve others in your community. Share with your kids about why service is important to you and the ways it has impacted your life.

10. Attend an Easter Worship Service

Worship together and celebrate the risen savior! If you're looking for somewhere to worship we'd love to have join us in person (7, 9 & 11 AM), or online: www.pvumc.org/live