The Arizona Ecumenical Council Earth Care Commission, in partnership with The Franciscan Renewal Center’s Faith in Action Ministry, invites anyone, and especially our church body as neighbor and ally through the Church and Society and Transformational Ministry Teams here at PVUMC, to attend their upcoming Caring for Creation Conference entitled “Desert Wisdom in a time of Climate Change“.

The focus will be on “spiritual and environmental insights available to those of us who ‘live and move and have our being’ in desert landscapes”.  Presenters will be the Rev. Talitha Arnold, a native of Phoenix and now pastor of the United Church in Santa Fe, NM,  who has written on desert spirituality and environmental care, including a grant for “Desert Faith in a Time of Global Warming.

Dr. Gregg Garfin, PhD, is the Asst. Professor and Specialist at U of AZ  in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, as well as Deputy Director for Science Translation and Outreach at the Institute of the Environment and Climatology at the U of AZ, U of Mass., and Cornell University.

The program is Saturday, April 28th, from 9am-3pm, at the Casa on 5802 E. Lincoln Dr.  Lunch is included in the most reasonable $40 registration fee; please sign up ASAP by calling 480 948-7460 ext. 151, or by registering online at  It is sure to be an enlightening and energizing day. Hoping to see you there, Adele Swan, liason.

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