Within each of us lies the desire to find meaning beyond the moment, to discover our true selves and to grow closer to God and one another. A spiritual director can help satisfy that longing. A spiritual director is someone trained to help you explore your relationship with God, to help you reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life to discover God’s presence. Some are laity, others are clergy.

Spiritual Direction is a way of tending the garden of your soul.  Your life may need weeding, or you may be experiencing a period of drought as you feel nothing about God, or you may be in the middle of blessings showing down. Whatever position you are in a spiritual director helps you see more clearly. It is not as much about “directing you” as it is about helping you open your heart and mind to discern and experience God’s daily presence.

Contact Rev. Andrea Andress at the church office about the possibility of participating in individual or group spiritual direction. Usually a person meets once every four to six weeks over a period of several months.

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