Luke 1:26-38

When I was a young girl, I dreamed about being Mary. I imagined what it must have been like to have been chosen by God to bear His only son, Jesus. How special I would have felt! I wondered what she must have been thinking when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her and dropped this news on her. How would I have reacted if God sent an angel to tell me I would have a baby created by the Holy Spirit? Amazed, joyful, maybe even afraid?

After experiencing infertility and then two wonderful pregnancies in my 30s, I can relate to the joy that Mary may have felt when she was told she was “with child.” I was no less joyful and amazed by the miracle of life growing inside me than Mary must have been with Jesus forming inside her. But her pregnancy carried so much meaning for so many, whereas mine was a private joy, shared among family and friends. Her son was the Son of God, long awaited by millions! I can’t imagine how Mary must have prayed that she would be able to carry Him to term, and then give birth to Him and raise Him as her son. Can you imagine raising the Son of God? I would be so afraid of making a mistake, of dropping him, of yelling at him, of correcting him.

I wonder how much Mary had to do with the person he became later in life. The age-old question of nature versus nurture intrigues me; are we who we are because of where we came from or because of who raised us and the circumstances we grew up with? Every year, we think about Mary and her blessed son, Jesus. And every year I wonder how much of Mary is in Jesus?

Pam Selthun

Prayer: Click below to hear “Breath of Heaven” by Amy Grant


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