The Bible and the Enneagram

Location: H5 (park in far south lot for easy access)

Cost: Free

Join us for Bible study with an eye to the Enneagram types on Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, beginning June 5 in H-5. Each class explores a specific area of scripture and how we view it. You do not need to know the Enneagram or the Bible. Each class stands alone, so come to one or all. Bring your Bible.

Call the church office at 602-840-8360 to register or email for more information.

June 5: The Great I AM
Moses is given God’s Name, “I am who I am.” Jesus uses the phrase, “I am …. the Light, I am …the Way, I am … the truth,” etc. What do these names and explanations of the nature of God have in common? And, in the midst of the Name, who are we called to be?

June 12: The Temptations of Christ
Jesus was tempted at the beginning of his ministry immediately after his baptism. It was the starting point of his declaration to follow God. See how Jesus addressed three critical areas of the heart, the mind and the body as temptations we all face.

June 19 : Let Go and Let God
How do we let go of expectations and ingrained habits to allow ourselves to enter into the gifts that God has for us? Each person with their own distinct personality type has a gift they can share. Come and discover yours.


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