Nine Paths to Faith: Foundation and Intro to Inner Work
Saturday, September 14, 2013
Room H-7
Led by Carole Whittaker, PhD

This is the class for you if you want to understand the connections between the characteristics of your personality and the qualities of your soul’s inner knowing.  Please join us… and refer a friend.  If you have attended an Introduction before, you may attend free by bringing a friend.

This class combines the Foundation to the Enneagram with Foundations for Inner Work.  It provides a thorough groundwork for understanding and utilizing the Enneagram system.  Ennea is Greek for “9” and the Enneagram describes nine personality types; how we develop ingrained patterns of behavior from the standpoint of where our attention goes and what drives our thoughts, actions and feelings.  It is the “why” behind the “what” of our behavior.   It reveals the blind spots we often project on other people.  Methods include teaching, exercises and brief panel interviews with class participants.

The Foundations for Inner Work part of the class provides a bridge from personality work into inner work by tracing the developmental path that leads to a sense of individual consciousness.  It examines the relationship between the personality self and the inner/core self with its permanent qualities of the life force (the Virtues) and of being itself (the Holy Ideas.) It also provides an overview of the paths and practices that lead toward integration.

The Enneagram Discovery Inventory developed by Dr. David Daniels MD is used to assist participants to identify their own Enneagram personality type. This basic course is highly recommended as preparation for all of the continuing Enneagram programs.

Fee: $80 (includes class notes and Enneagram Essentials by Dr. David Daniels; does not include lunch-bring a sack lunch, refrigerator space will be available)   Register at or contact Diane Shevlin 602-300-4970

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