Panels Follow-on for Love, Spirit, Relationships: The Magical Path to a Fulfilling Life
Wednesday’s, 6:30-8:00 pm H-7

Hear People Speak Their Experience through the panel interview setting.

November 13 – Body Center – Types 8, 9, 1

November 20 – Heart Center – Types 2, 3, 4

December 4 – Mental Center – Types 5, 6, 7

December 11 – How we Love – All 9 types

Panels are made up from people of that personality type. They speak of their experiences on Love, Spirit and Relationships.  Learn from your neighbors how they go about their everyday business of living and loving.  Experience the wisdom that comes from the community.

Location:  Paradise Valley United Methodist Church

Cost:  $40, or $10 a class.  Register at: or 480-367-1998

Teachers:  Rev. Andrea Andress, Mira Rossman, Gloria Cuevas-Barnett & Robin Cameron

Please sign up at:

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