Let the Spirit Move You

Every Monday evening – September 30 through Nov 25.

5:30 – 6:30 pm in H-1

Led by Adele Swan

Let the Spirit Move You: A gentle yet unifying movement and awareness class includes a variety of the following: Chair and Standing Yoga (some to scripture), Conscious Breathing, Relaxation and Guided Meditation experiences, Tapping for Health, some simple Swan Tai Chi, Walking the Labyrinth and the Biblical Garden (light and ability permitting), and other expressions of honoring our body temple while unifying with the spirit within and all around us.

Taught by Adele Swan of the Transformational Living Team. Adele is a Chopra certified 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor as well as a certified Tai Chi instructor. She has taught at every level from the community college level to kindergarten, in church, hospitals, at retreats, outdoor recreation events, and elsewhere. Register at the PVUMC church office or by phone 602 840-8360. Questions?  Call Adele at 602 743-7091 or email her at AdelePSwan@aol.com.

No experience, special gear or clothing are required. Casual street clothes that permit easy movement are just fine. Bring a body mat or beach towel if desired. Also bring a foam block or two or a little footstool or a big enough pillow to rest your feet upon while sitting or so your knees are at a 90 degree angle and straight out from your hips. A $5-10 love donation is suggested per class.

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