Joel 2:28-29 NRSV

28 Then afterward
I will pour out my spirit on all flesh;
your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
your old men shall dream dreams,
and your young men shall see visions.
29 Even on the male and female slaves,
in those days, I will pour out my spirit

God’s spirit is available to us all the time!  The passage above is a promise to the prophet Joel’s generation that if they repent, God will forgive, and bless them with an abundance of His spirit for everyone. Today, God’s spirit, holy presence, is not something we have to wait for any more.  Jesus intervened, paid the price, and gave us all the gift of the Holy Spirit all the time.

It reminds us of our technology advancements. In my lifetime, I began with phones that were wired to the wall and I had to dial the number waiting for the wheel to roll back before punching the next number. Later came push button phones which were faster to dial but still stuck to a wall. Wireless phones were next and that was cool. I could walk around while talking on the phone within a certain range of the base. Then, hello, cell phones! Crazy, but they go with you everywhere and connect you to everything instantly.

The Holy Spirit, through the sacrifice of Jesus, is our cell phone! We have a direct line to our heavenly Father all the time, wherever, whenever.  Next time you use your cell phone, remember your connection to God and you don’t have to dial! God is actually quicker to reach and you can’t lose Him.

Prayer:  Hello God! Forgive us for taking for granted our access to you. We don’t even bother to talk to you or think about you like we do our cell phones. Thank you for your love, grace, and forgiveness that restore us daily. Holy Spirit, guide us to think of you like our cell phones, but help us to see that you are a thousand times better. TTYL (talk to you later), Amen.

Brenda Smith

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