Join the Senior High Youth and other participants who have returned from their summer mission trip to Booneville, AR, at our 11:15 am worship service on Sunday, August 3 in the Chapel. Hear their stories and see their photos.

Mary McGill, youth ministries assistant director, and a chaperone on the mission trip, shares one of her stories below:

“Ms. Louise lives a few miles outside of town. Her block home was three different colors before the painting began (including orange in 1 section and teal in another) on Monday and now it’s a lovely shade of tan, which she loves. She seemed to come alive as she told me about the losses of her husband 8 years ago and her grown son and unborn grandchild 5 years ago. It felt wonderful to be able to make her house look new and also be there to listen as she let out her sadness.

I felt like I didn’t do much with only four hours of scheduled work time each day. I’m used to much longer periods of physical labor, but it’s always uplifting to see our group come together to complete a task or do something special. There was a family of four in addition to our big group and they felt very welcomed and included.

Since returning, I’ve had new awareness about the many positive things which happened. Several new students and a few adults got to experience the incredible bonds that occur when we travel, live and serve together.

This was my 14th youth mission trip with PVUMC. We learned many valuable lessons and I am always amazed at how God works in and through our team, especially with kids we serve.”

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