Disappointment comes to all of us. It’s a lesson we learn to face throughout our lives. Some of us seem to handle it better than others. Not all of our dreams will come true. We learn early on that in every competition there are winners and there are losers. We discover how our hopes we invest in others are not always fulfilled. People and life can disappoint us. Yet God moves in our life through these difficult experiences. We continue to talk this Sunday about the unfolding story of Jacob from the book of Genesis. He is a successful man in many regards. He prospers financially. His business flourishes. He falls in love and then his future father-in-law-pulls a switch on his wedding day. Jacob discovers he must first marry his fiancé’s sister. I imagine there was disappointment in both parties. Yet God brings us a strength that helps us to move through disappointment. God offers us a wisdom that helps to put our let downs in perspective. God’s presence stands with us, so that we are not alone when life has left us disillusioned. Worship with us Sunday as we meet the God of hope who will not leave us or disappoint us.

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