Often, an important part of our faith is our doubts, or our big questions about God, God’s will, and the Bible. Sometimes our biggest questions and spiritual tensions are about how faith relates to the world in which we live, especially when terrible things happen.  Where does doubt touch you?  There are a number of people who raise questions about faith:  Job; the father who can’t get Jesus’ disciples to successfully heal his epileptic son, and authors of the Psalms, who wonder where God is and how long we have to wait for God to act. This Sunday, we’ll talk about why we need skeptics and doubters in the household of faith. We’ll talk about how Jacob wrestles mightily with God. Most of us have done some of this.

I appreciate the honest approach to doubt. I value how faith is often not about certainty, but about learning to trust God through life’s uncertainties.  Maybe you feel you are a less traditional person in your belief. Faith is as much about exploring the questions regarding God and spiritual matters and knowing that our answers may be definitive at times and more at others. The Bible and our faith tradition welcome this approach. We worship a God who meets us where we are and walks with us on the journey of faith and doubt. Hope to see you Sunday.


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