We live in a world where we can almost always get any information we want at almost any time we want it. Traffic conditions. Restaurant reviews. Resolutions to arguments over obscure movie quotes. Just about anything.

Unfortunately though, that access to information goes both ways and we can become so inundated with bad or depressing information that sometimes it is all we notice anymore. Left unchecked, we can wind up in a strange place without even realizing how we got there. It’s the point where some might be so overwhelmed by all the bad news that they can’t help but do something while others are so overwhelmed that they just can’t motivate themselves to do anything. But no matter what group we fall into, many of us are just shrugging our shoulders asking, “So, what’s the good news?”

As Christians, we are called to take that question very seriously. We know that the word Gospel actually means “good news” and, since we are called to preach, teach and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we must consider what the good news truly is in a world so full of bad, depressing and downright heartbreaking news.

Join us this Sunday and let’s talk about it.

The Rev. Eve Williams, Associate Pastor

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