The Bible is our book.  It is a rich history from God and the people of faith, spanning centuries. Scripture is painfully honest in places and beautifully poetic in others.  The Bible has been put into print in more languages than any other book since printing began.  Yet, how often do we open it up and read it?

This Sunday, I will share how stories from the Bible shape our life stories as our 3rd graders and their parents take part in the “Bible Blast” at 9:30 in the Fellowship Center and receive their Bibles in worship at 11:15 am.  The Bible Blast is an interactive experience that allows them to get a look at what they will be studying this year.  At 11:15 am, we invite them to join us in worship when we officially present them with their Bibles. We’re excited to have these 24 students and their families join us in worship as our church community celebrates this rite of passage with them.

I invite you to bring your favorite Bible to worship on Sunday (perhaps the one you received from the Church years ago) as we remember the stories of old and transform them into our stories. During all three worship services, we’ll have a time of blessing for our Bibles. I’m looking forward to sharing the worship experience with you this Sunday.

Rev. Andrea Andress

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