Did you ever prepare for a particularly tough exam, perhaps one where you were compelled to ask the teacher, “What do I really have to know, here?” We’ve been talking these Sundays on the subject of happiness, how we find it, how we keep it and what our faith has to say about it. Is there a spiritual secret to happiness? In the gospels we find a number of people coming to Jesus seeking greater fulfillment in their life of faith, wanting a stronger faith and a way to both know and serve God. Jesus never gives a frivolous or shallow answer.  When a man asked Jesus what commandments he really needed to know and perform, Jesus said there were only two:  love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.  Jesus said virtually everything else in the Bible is based on these two commandments.

Many who came to Jesus were able to follow in the pathway of discipleship. We also see many who were unable or unwilling to fully make that journey.  Jesus, of course, always puts the question back to us, will we follow with a complete devotion?  Will we seek God in every dimension of our lives? Or will our loyalty and desire for God be compromised in some way?

Here at PVUMC we want all of us to walk more intentionally the pathway of faith.  We hope that each one of us will find the joy that comes from a life of intentional discipleship, where we seek God and walk the path that grows and deepens our faith. The spiritual journey is one of discovery and commitment. The rewards are not really for the curious and laidback. Sunday we talk about Jesus’ spiritual secret of happiness that offers a rich life in faith and joy, a life of knowing God in ways that shape and strengthen our capacity for fulfillment and facing all that life brings. Join us as we worship the God whose love meets us and moves further on this marvelous journey of faith. — Pastor Dave Summers

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