Dear Friends,
We’re starting a series of sermons titled “The Real Households of PVUMC.” Do not worry. We will not show up at your doorstep with a reality TV camera crew. What we want to do is talk honestly about family life and what families need in these often chaotic times. We won’t do any sugarcoating or express wishful thinking. We want to have straightforward and honest conversation about how being in a family can be messy, whether you are married or single, have kids or not. No matter what our age, the relationships within families are usually a mixed bag of joy and strain. Here in the church we have this unique relationship to children. I know that parents count on the church to be a place that brings positive influence and help for raising kids. However, faith grows in kids in some specific ways that parents need to know about, and the impact can be profound.

The truth is, we all bear some responsibility for how kids are raised when we’re a part of the church. You are the extended, spiritual family through which faith, values, God’s love and forgiveness are demonstrated and understood. What an awesome and perplexing responsibility! So we’ll talk about what church offers to children, youth and families. We’ll talk about our how God has asked each one of us to play a part in how faith gets shared and learned. Whether you are a visible leader or a quiet supporter of our families and young people, you help a vital faith to be possible in a child. Sunday, we worship the God who offers all of us a spiritual home, a place where we can meet and share God’s nurturing grace.

See you Sunday,
Senior Pastor Dave Summers

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