Families come in all shapes and sizes. Some come together through means other than genetics and bloodlines. And sometimes it is the families that form through love and community that can bring sense and healing to past difficulties in a person’s life. This week, as we continue our series on the Real Households of PVUMC, we will look at a different kind of family that forms in a very special way through the Open Table model.

The Open Table movement is a “collaboration of faith communities, government, business and non-profits working through Open Table, a shared community model, to transform poverty.”  Originating at PVUMC, Open Table brings a loving community around a brother or sister who needs help moving from poverty to sustainability. Over the years, this ministry has truly become an expression of love that crosses all barriers, reaching across the nation and breaking down so much of what divides us: denominational lines, socio-economic status, race, preconceived notions, and misconceptions about others.

An Open Table becomes a healing family, not only for the brother or sister in need, but also for the other members of the table. Join us this Sunday as members of the Tables here at PVUMC share their stories of what this movement has meant for them and how their lives have been transformed through this experience.

Rev. Eve Williams
Associate Pastor

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