Finding balance in life is a worthy goal. Often elusive, we can find ourselves pushed by work, kids, schedules, the busy demands of life that keep us constantly running. We know what it’s like to be pulled in multiple directions. We know the longing within us for a sense of balance and calm. Our faith speaks to this longing. In fact, I believe it is one of the ways we are drawn back to God. In the worst moments when we are out of kilter, we fear we will crash and burn in a panic. Sometimes we simply need that spiritual GPS that helps us to find our way home to our center. We want that sure and certain sense of direction that takes us to the place that restores us, allows us to see our way and know we are moving through life with more intentionality, not simply being battered and bounced around like a pinball.

I know that some of us have the habit of saying “yes” too often and we take on way too much. Some of us are generous with our time and occasionally others take advantage of this. Sometimes life hands us a set of difficulties that requires our ongoing attention. Having a sense of balance begins within us, especially when we allow God to capture our thoughts. We focus some holy attention on God’s presence. Countless Psalms invite us to be still before God, which gives balance as we stop moving, rushing. I think of the proverb that says, “Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established” (16:3), which is a terrific reminder that God is intimately concerned with the steps of our lives. God wants to move and shape our intentions and desires in faithful ways.  In Isaiah 26:3, we read, “Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace-in peace because they trust in you.”  We want to be people who live each day taking steps of trust in God. We want the blessings of being steadfast — keeping a focus on God’s hopes and God’s ways of working that, in fact, bring a measure of peace into our lives. We’ll talk more about how to do this on Sunday as we worship God who brings that peace that passes all understanding and helps us leave behind the anxieties of life.

Senior Pastor Dave Summers


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