Most of us have a favorite song or two. Or even a playlist for the songs that we most enjoy. Maybe they’re songs for exercising, or romance. Maybe these are songs that we can’t help but sing or that lift us when we need it.

The Bible has a playlist of songs of faith. It’s the book of Psalms. In fact, the Psalms reminds us that every now and then we want to whine a bit about life and what is going on. Usually the people around us don’t want to hear too much of this, but it may leave us feeling better. The Psalms kick this up a notch.There are many Psalms that are strong laments, words that capture and express deep pain and heartache over life and faith, the troubles that have come to the nation, one’s family  or present circumstance.

Last summer when we did our sermon survey, the Psalms were a popular topic for the church, with many of you wanting more preaching on this important book. These next two weeks we’ll focus in worship on what the Psalms say to us and what they do for us. Sometimes they voice the thoughts and feelings we are most afraid to express. The Psalms literally become our voice. Also, this Sunday is our All Saints Sunday, such a precious time to remember in thankfulness our beloved saints of the church. We praise God that even in death they live a holy and eternal communion with God. We will remember their life and witness as we draw near to God who is always glad to hear the cries and hopes of our own hearts.

Senior Pastor Dave Summers


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