Earlier this week, I was trying to find a convenient location to meet with someone in our church. We settled on a Denny’s near the freeway. I knew I had seen this Denny’s before.  Yet for some reason, I could not find it. I drove past it twice and missed it. In my defense, the actual sign was covered by trees and shrubbery. After a couple of harried phone calls, we finally found each other.  Our search for God has some parallels. Maybe you’ve felt you have looked so hard for God, only to find that God is much nearer or more available than you ever imagined. There have been many times in my own spiritual life I feel I have overlooked the obvious. Yet there is much about our spiritual life that eludes the obvious. We have a hunger for God, a desire within. We think we know the direction to follow. We sense that we are not quite getting there.

We’re looking again this week in worship at the Psalms, not just as songs we need to sing, but as a voice for our spiritual hunger. Psalm 42 says:  As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. Psalm 139 reminds us that God is fundamentally relational and searches us and knows us, both the obvious and the more hidden parts of our being. We want God’s knowledge of us to lead us back to God, to move us further along our spiritual journey. We hope that God can make us more alive and more faithful disciples. The Psalms talk about how we grow this living relationship with God so that our greatest hungers are satiated by a spiritual life that challenges us to know God. Then we are filled with a desire to serve God. Sunday, we worship God who will meet us in every corner of life and helps us to know ourselves and our faith with a depth and confidence that no one else can ever provide.

Senior Pastor Dave Summers

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