This Sunday, we will change the world.  We will share our love of God as we roll up our sleeves and do some hands-on work in the communities around our church.  Our corner of God’s world will be blessed and changed by the caring help we bring to many nonprofits and ministries that touch thousands of lives.

You have probably noticed how the church or religion is often portrayed in the popular media as being out of touch, or judgmental, old-fashioned and stuck in the past. On Sunday, we show the world how we go right to the heart of some pressing needs in the Valley of the Sun.  We show how God is active, alive, working hard to help and lift up those who are struggling with life. We also show the world that we take seriously Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Do you remember the story of the first Pentecost for the early church, where the Holy Spirit touched the disciples with tongues of flame and drove them out of their worship space into the streets and community around them to speak and show God’s love? On Sunday, that will be us!  We leave the church to carry the compassion of God and reveal the love of God to those around us. This Sunday I look forward to seeing you in church and out in God’s world!

Senior Pastor Dave Summers

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