What a wonderful experience we shared last Sunday through our Change the World Day. About 350 servants/volunteers of PVUMC gave their time, labors and prayers.  Hundreds of hours were worked by our members and friends. Many of you commented that it was truly a day of bringing God’s love into action. Click here to see the video showing God’s love in action on that special day.

That is our mission, which we boldly printed on our t-shirts. Our mission statement says, “Alive with the Spirit, we bring God’s love into action by igniting faith, transforming lives, and creating community.” I hope all of us have experienced this in our Church.

At some time, every one of us is hungry for God’s transforming work. We will have times when we need God to change us from within or to use us as agents of transformation in the world. In a large church like ours, creating community is essential. Most of us long for meaningful relationships that connect us to others in ways that allows us to share our deeper selves, talk about significant issues in our life and faith or find support for our journey in life.

Our mission is about our core work as a church. Our mission moves us forward to do God’s work in this time and place. Sunday we will talk about ignite, transform and connect as a way God moves us and builds our future at PVUMC.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I share this thought as well from Johannes Gaertner: “To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.”  May we all have some experience of touching heaven in the coming weeks.

Senior Pastor Dave Summers

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