Advent is about preparation, specifically, preparing for the moment when God breaks down the barrier between heaven and earth and enters the human experience – all out of divine love for us. How, then, do we spend this season of preparation in our own hearts? In our community? In our church?

Our congregation has been reading and discussing James Harnish’s book, “When God Comes Down” for our all-church Advent Study. The answer to the above questions, according to this particular study, is a tapestry woven with strands of simplicity of spirit, silence, acknowledgement of our spiritual poverty, and submission to God’s radical and sometimes uninvited love. In other words, emptying ourselves of all of our expectations of how God is “supposed to behave” and preparing ourselves for all of the unexpected ways that God will show up in our lives during this season and beyond.

Join us this Sunday as we consider in this message in three very special ways. Pastor Andrea will bring us her message, “What Do You Do When God Calls?” at 8 am, the Music Makers present the children’s pageant, Room for Christmas at 9:30 am, and we’ll sing and meditate on Christmas Carols at 11:15 am. In what unexpected ways will you experience Christ this season?

Rev. Eve Williams
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church | (602) 840-8360 x130

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