Quality childcare, free of charge, is always available without reservation on Sunday mornings in our Child Care Center. A cry room is also available during worship in the sanctuary. Please ask an usher for guidance if you would like to move to the cry room with your child during worship.

Child care is available for other times during the week when you are on campus for classes, rehearsals or meetings with a 48-hour advance reservation. The church is happy to supply child care at no charge, but please help us be good stewards of our resources. If you find you do not need the reserved child care, please call to cancel your reservation – even if it’s at the last minute!

RSVP for Childcare

To make Child Care Center reservations on any other day besides Sunday morning, please call our Childcare Coordinator Kathy Ratliff at 602-840-8360 ext. 134. Please leave a message, messages are checked regularly.


Child Care Center Guidelines

  • All Children must be signed in by a parent/adult.
  • Children may not check themselves in.
  • Siblings or another child may not check children in or out.
  • Sign-in will be a book or sign-in sheet.
  • Please note if another adult is authorized to pick-up your child.
  • Stay home with your sick children until they are no longer contagious.
  • Help us maintain safe ratios of adults to children. If we have an unexpected situation (extra children, not enough adults) please understand that we cannot accept more children until qualified adult help arrives.

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