One of the most common stories we hear from people who have left the church is that they didn’t feel like they could ask questions. Worse yet, if they actually mustered the courage to ask questions, they felt as though they had broken some unspoken rule not to bring up confusing or troubling elements of our faith tradition. If we’re being honest with ourselves, that’s a pretty common story among those people that are still here, too.

Here at PVUMC, we are committed to living into our vision of being a place of love that crosses all barriers and embraces all people. Part of what that means is wrestling with uncomfortable questions, the ones that we ask ourselves and the ones that the world asks us. I’ll go ahead and say it: there is a lot that is confusing or troubling about our faith tradition and questioning those things is as much a part of growing in our faith as anything else. Further, wrestling with those things as a faith community will give us a better understanding of ourselves, corporately and individually.

Join us this Sunday as we begin our sermon series titled, “The Tough Questions of Faith” as we ask, “Who speaks for God?” We’ll talk about all of the voices out there who claim to have a direct line of communication to God and can speak with authority as to what exactly is on God’s mind. Then we’ll talk about a way forward when those voices sound like anything BUT something that would come from God. How can know for sure?

See you Sunday.

Rev. Eve Williams
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
(602) 840-8360 x130

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