This Sunday, we are celebrating our ministry at PVUMC with children and youth. Our young people will play a key role in our worship services. As we talk this month about the tough questions of faith, we know these questions work on our youth and our children. They too have significant questions about God, religious faith, and what the church is all about. We honor those questions. We want to always be a church that invites and welcomes questions. We want our young people to know that our questions are often the entry point to a stronger and deeper life of faith. They become a way God speaks to us, inspires us, or helps us to take the next steps on our faith commitment and journey. We don’t fear tough questions. We welcome and encourage them. We recognize they play a critical role in faith development and formation. Jesus did not shrink from tough questions. In fact, Jesus often asked questions himself as a way to get his audience more fully involved in the Kingdom of God.

We are a church that loves children and youth. We are a church that knows the value and importance of nurturing faith. We know from our biblical tradition that God speaks to young and old alike, and children often lead us in the ways of faith. There are wonderful stories in scripture about God calling Samuel, David, Jeremiah and Timothy, all quite young when God spoke to them. Worship with us Sunday as we learn from and honor our young people.

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