Remember being in a dark place, the kind of space where there is no light whatsovever? Maybe it was a place like Kartchner Caverns, a basement, or an inner room. Some of us like the dark. Some of us find it unsettling. It can be disorienting when you can’t see a single thing. You have no direction. Maybe you sense the presence of other people around you, but you have so concept of boundary, where things start and end. For some of us, this is unnerving, even creepy. Of course, all of us have dark places in our lives, whether physically or spiritually. We know the darkness when relationships are in great trouble, or our jobs are difficult or ending, or a crisis of faith that leaves us feeling alone or uncertain.

Jesus says to those in the dark, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” The light Jesus offers to us illumines in a different way than any other kind of light. We know that Jesus had his own moments of darkness: a time of temptation, frustration with the disciples, the death of his cousin, John, his Gethsemane experience and the crucifixion. The light here includes a lesson about trusting God, about seeking the light and finding God walks with us and help us to navigate through the dark moments.

Sunday we talk about God’s guidance which is a light for our lives. God enters and moves us towards the light when we can’t see how to do it ourselves. Maybe it happens through the still, small voice of God. Perhaps it is a reminder of how God loves you and has not given up, but is working in and around you. Perhaps the guidance comes in a time of prayer or worship that allows you to experience in a reassuring way the presence of God who guides our steps forward. Come Sunday and know the presence and guidance of God who is with us in our darkest times.

Rev. Dr. Dave Summers

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