Students entering 9th-12th grade in 2015-2016 are invited to spend a week working deep in the heart of the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona, Sunday-Friday, July 19-24, 2015. The trip will include working with local children at a Vacation Bible Camp, and construction projects, including tiling, dry-walling, roofing, and various kinds of repairs/remodeling. Our team will focus on helping local families in need and/or the local church. Specific construction skills are helpful but not required. We simply ask that you come with a willing heart that is prepared to work to the best of your ability.

We are partnering with Experience Mission — an organization that works closely with local leaders to identify work projects and ministry opportunities that address authentic needs within the community.


To Apply

To apply online, visit:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the box that says “Team Members: My Team Member Application.”  Simply create an account and fill out the application. By filling it out online, you save us $10!

The cost for the trip is $250.  Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis.
If you would rather fill out a paper form, or need a scholarship, please email me.


Trip Summary

You will be sleeping at a local church on the Navajo Reservation in a remote desert region of Arizona, and you will be working in the surrounding area. Because the Navajo people are spread out over a large space, you should expect to drive as much as 30-45 minutes to your worksites. We think you’ll enjoy the beautiful desert scenery that surrounds you whether driving, working, or simply enjoying time at church. PVUMC provides its own transportation.

Activities and Opportunities

By serving on the Navajo Reservation, you can genuinely impact the lives of others. You have the unique opportunity to live and work among the Navajo. You will partner with the local churches and practically serve the people around you by meeting real needs in tangible ways. If you come with a genuine heart to connect with people, you will build meaningful relationships and encourage those around you as you become a picture of God’s love.


Outreach Ministry

Due to the unique nature of this community, the opportunity for relational ministry may take place directly at your team’s worksite as you come alongside and encourage those you have come to serve. There may be additional opportunities to serve in various types of people ministry if the need arises. These types of ministry could include things like visiting the elderly, gardening, cleaning, etc.

Trip Details

Average daily schedule

Day 1

Groups Arrive 5:00 – Leader’s Meeting

6:00 – Dinner

7:00 – Orientation Meeting

8:30 – Team Time (a time for your group alone) 11:30 – Lights Out

Day 2-5

7:15 – Breakfast

7:45 – Devotions and Quiet Time 8:15 – Group Prayer

8:30 – Teams leave for Sites 12:00 – Lunch

3:30 – Finish Work for the day 4:00 – Break and Clean-up

5:00 – Leaders meeting 6:00 – Dinner

7:00 – Evening gathering (as a whole group) 8:30 – Team time

Day 6

7:00 – Breakfast

7:30 – Cleanup/Packing

8:30 – Commissioning

9:00 – Pictures and Good-Byes

Lodging and Food

  • You will be staying at a local church in Arizona.
  • Your team will be sleeping on hard floors, so mats/air mattresses are essential. Bring your own bedding. It can be cool at night, so a warm sleeping bag is recommended.
  • There will be no showers at the church. You will be using rustic, outdoor shower stalls. Wet wipes are recommended as an option to everyday showers.
  •  The only toilets available will be outhouses.
  • There is no running water; however fresh drinking water will be made available at all times in coolers.
  • There is electricity at the church.
  • Experience Mission staff will prepare your meals each day. The menu includes an ample selection of tasty food!
  • Team members should plan to bring their own plate, bowl, cup and silverware for meals.


As always, let me know if you have any comments or questions regarding this trip.

Christopher Wurpts, Director of Youth Ministries, Paradise Valley United Methodist Church

Office: 602-840-8360 ex: 147; Fax: 602-840-8767; Cell: 712-348-3791


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