Sunday is Confirmation Sunday, a joyous time when our youth make their commitments of faith. They have worked hard to arrive at this point, after many hours of instruction and conversation. We celebrate their decision and willingness to be members of our church and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We challenge our youth to live up to the example of Christ and to be engaged in the life of our church. We will also make our promises to them as our newest members to care for, love them and pray for them. We surround our young people with a community of faith, encouragement, love and hope. We will promise to walk with them through moments of agony and joy in their lives. And we will help them to live up to the vows and promises they will make.

We also want to show our youth how we are Christians together even in our disagreements. We follow Christ and love each other, even when we are not of the same mind. In a contentious age, our witness here speaks volumes and shows the heart of our faith, a desire to love and serve God above all else. In any age, there are a number of issues that divide churches and our time is no exception. Churches can be split around matters of politics, homosexuality, war and peace, and much more. As United Methodists, we strive to be one body in Jesus Christ. We will show our youth how we demonstrate and practice that most difficult of loves, one grounded in faith that is stronger than our differences, and allows Christ to be seen in us and known through our words and our caring. Worship with us Sunday as we celebrate the joy of baptism and confirmation at our 9:30 am service.

Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor

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