Civil conversation on contentious issues seems such a challenge to us these days. This Sunday, we’ll talk about one of the most divisive issues in all of Christianity: homosexuality, and how we as a church address biblical teachings, cultural shifts and our own fears. The attitudes in our society around LGBT rights, marriage equality and the church are undergoing considerable change. Yet, like most United Methodist congregations, we are not of one mind on this subject. However, it is important for the church to talk publicly on such issue. Every year, I find more people in the church wanting to talk with me about a son or a daughter who has come out, attending the wedding of a gay or lesbian brother or sister, people grappling with how their faith can help them to understand such complex matters of sexuality. People wonder how to reconcile or stand by biblical teachings they value that have helped to shape their faith and position around homosexuality. The job of the church is to help shape our theological and biblical understanding so we are informed and skilled in our thinking and conversation. I will share several perspectives this week on same-sex attraction and ways that we as faithful Christians might approach this significant topic.
We talk on this subject as part of our series on “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?” and ways of having more civil and faith-filled conversation with one another, even when the subject makes our pulses race. Worship with us on Sunday as we listen for God’s voice on how we deal with our differences and disagreements, knowing that God is present and with us.


Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor

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