The Holy Spirit moves in each of our lives. The Spirit brings so much to us and works to activate gifts that God puts in every one of us to use in faithful ways. We do believe God knows each of us intimately, what is in us to make us who we are, the potential and possibilities we carry, the strengths we have and the strengths we can develop. In fact, God works in intricate ways inside of us to cultivate and grow spiritual gifts. God will use these gifts in meaningful ways to bring faith, mercy and justice to our world. Indeed, the gifts God has put into us are a principal way that God works in our world.

How do you notice the Spirit of God moving within you? Sometimes we have to pause, take stock, look carefully at what is stirring or growing within us to see what God is up to and identify it. I don’t know about you, but I always like to know more about myself and what makes me tick. I always like taking those surveys that tell us more about who we are and give us insight into our personalities and our relationships.

This Sunday, we will talk about the very unique gifts God has placed inside of each of us and hear and invitation to discover more about this. God is immensely creative and God wants us to know and grow these spiritual gifts, not only for our fulfillment and joy in faith, but so that we would serve God from a place of deep desire. Sunday we worship the God who has made us in remarkable ways, and wants us to discover those gifts that make us unique.


Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor

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