Mother’s Day brings a flood of emotions for me. I wish I were back home to celebrate with my mother. I think about my two grandmothers and what they meant to our family in their faith, their strength and great caring for us. I think about the moms who will have a great day and those women who may not. I remember the Mother’s Day when Kim and I were recently married and we took our kids out to lunch at a fancy place. We endured a terrible meal because the children were in such a foul mood.

Of course, Mother’s Day for your mom was the day you were born, the day that made your mother a parent. Some of us will remember and thank our mothers, whether they are with us or not, for their nurture, care and help in steering our lives and forming our faith. Some, however, may have experienced mothers who were not as capable. For those individuals, my prayer is that you were blessed with a spiritual mother who stepped in, who supported you and encouraged your faith, when your own mother wouldn’t or couldn’t. We know God is our ultimate parent, the one who perfectly blesses us, cares for us, and is always there for us. God always sends the right people into our lives to help with what our earthly parents cannot provide.

On Sunday, we read a passage from 2 Timothy on generations of faithfulness. We want to grow the gifts of faith in our children and grandchildren. For every one of us, our example, our trust in God, and our commitment will have an influence on our children at PVUMC. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate how God has been revealed and spoken through the women of faith in our lives and who showed God’s love in action by demonstrating forgiveness and hope. This Sunday, reflect on the lives of women who built your faith and character and pointed the way towards God.

We will also have outstanding music this Sunday from many of our musical groups in our church. It is a fitting way to celebrate Mother’s Day and the lives of women whose love made our faith alive and strong.


Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor

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