It’s not always easy to trust in God’s future. We have some great stories in scripture where God asks people to do some astounding things, like Noah building the Ark. Like the disciples carrying on the ministry of Jesus. Like Peter being asked to welcome the gentiles into the new emerging Christian faith (the gentiles being all non-Jews who were traditionally seen as outside the scope of God’s salvation and interest). There are times when life and faith leave us with many unknowns before us. This Sunday our children will help to lead us at our 9:30 service with a delightful musical they have prepared, based on the Noah’s Ark story. I’m grateful to be a part of a church that so faithfully cares for our young people and is supportive of ministry with children and youth. This is also a Sunday where we recognize our graduating seniors. God has great hopes and dreams for them, just as parents do. We surround and bless our seniors as they step into God’s future.

We know that building a life that matters is important. It is no easy job. Building character is an essential pursuit for all of us. Think about those who helped to build your character: parents, teachers, youth leaders, institutions like the church, perhaps scouts, sports, etc. Frankly, as a church we have a big stake in this. David Brooks, author and New York Times columnist, pointed out how the definition of character has changed in recent years. It’s used more to describe traits like self-control, grit, resilience and tenacity, qualities that make worldly success more likely. Character is used less to describe traits like selflessness, generosity, self-sacrifice and other qualities that make worldly success less likely. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are about building a life anchored in values and virtues that are enduring, that make a difference in who we are and what we become. We are cultivating and establishing virtues that make a difference in the world by bringing God’s love into action. Sunday we will talk on this life of virtue and character for us and our young people. Join us as we worship God who has placed the divine image into each of us and helps us to reflect and live that image in faithful and life-giving ways.


Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor

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