This Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. The powerful arrival of the Spirit touched many lives and formed a community of believers. Several qualities marked the early church and its Christian character: selfless sharing to care for the material and spiritual needs of others; a deep commitment to spiritual practices like prayer and worship; a boldness to risk much for God. God’s Spirit still moves in our lives in unimaginable ways and call us to such a rich life of faith.

Our vision as a church is to share a love that crosses all barriers and embraces all people. Pentecost is a marvelous time to focus on the vision for our church and what such a love can mean for us. It is time to pray and reflect on what such a love calls out of us and how it connects us to our neighbors both in and outside of the church. On this Pentecost Sunday, we will take some important time in worship to talk and listen to one another, a time of holy conversation. We will be asking everyone present the question: “What keeps you up at night?” All of us carry some worries and anxieties. Our desire as a church is to be a community that knows each other well, even as a large church. Our desire it to be a place where people are heard and cared for, and where we truly share each others’ burdens. We will take time this Sunday to enter each others’ lives, to risk sharing ourselves, to listen, receive and pray for one another. Worship with us Sunday as we welcome the Spirit of God that renews the church and draws us closer together as a compassionate and faithful community of divine love.


Dave Summers, PhD
Senior Pastor

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