Our children are important to us at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, and we offer year-round ministry programs for them. At 9:30 am, we offer our Summer Sunday Camp, with programming for Preschool-6th graders, May 31-July 26. There will be a Children’s Moment early in the service, then the children will be invited to leave the sanctuary with their teachers to participate in the camp program in E12-13. The children will be escorted back at the end of the service, so you start and end in worship, as a family.


If you are interested in volunteering to assist or lead one or more weeks this summer, please contact Brenda Smith, our children’s ministries director.


We’ve aligned our children’s summer curriculum with what we’re talking about in worship, so you can discuss the themes with your children throughout the week.

See our Upcoming Sermons page for the complete list of series under the Wilderness theme.


Each week, we’ll have a take-home lesson to help drive your discussions. Here’s a sample lesson follow-up from our first Sunday Summer Camp:

May/June Theme: Living in the Wilderness
So God led people into the wilderness . . . Exodus 13:18

May 31 – Praying in the Wilderness

The children will be talking about how they listen to God. Ask them: How do you hear God speaking to you? Share with them how you listen to God. Talk about your relationship with God. Invite them to draw a picture of what they hear.

Journey to the Heart: Centering Prayer for Children by Frank X. Jelenek is a simple, practical book using rhyme and illustrations to teach children how to practice the “Prayer of the Heart” (centering prayer). It is a wonderful invitation to find peace, much needed in our troubled world, and a gift for your children.

Teach your child the 5-Finger Prayer, and use it this week:

  • The Thumb – for those nearest you
  • Pointer Finger – for those who lead
  • Middle Finger – for tall trees and all of creation
  • Ring Finger – for those who are vulnerable
  • Little Finger – for yourself


Each week, we’ll offer more activities, so keep coming back to the website!

June 7 and July 5 are Family Sundays

We invite you to worship with your children on our Family Sundays, June 7 and July 5.
Praise Paks will be provided. As part of the family of God, all children are invited to receive communion.

A Preschool class will be offered on these Sundays, but the older children will remain in worship.

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