This week at PVUMC, we continue with the second part of our 5-week Wilderness sermon series. In Part 2: “Deliverance,” we find out more about the story of the people of Israel, as they flee captivity in Egypt only to escape into the wilderness, from which they spend the next 40 years trying to escape. Lord, deliver us!

It is not only the story of the people of Israel. It is also our story. We spend our lives yearning to be free from something: a toxic relationship, a dead-end job, an addiction, crippling memories or any of the other things in life that hold us captive. We become so focused on being delivered from whatever is holding us that we don’t consider what lies beyond that threshold of deliverance: Adventure. Uncertainty. Excitement. Unpredictability. Wilderness. It can be equal parts exhilarating and terrifying standing on the edge of wilderness. All of the old ways, the familiar ways, of living are gone and all that stands before us is a vast, unknown future.

But in order to be truly delivered from captivity, we must step over that threshold and into the wilderness, where we will learn more about ourselves and God’s love for us than we could ever imagine.

Join us this Sunday as we step into the “Wilderness.”


Rev. Eve Williams

Associate Pastor of PVUMC

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