Do you remember being homesick? For many of us, this may have been a few years back, at a time when we were away from the familiar comforts and conditions of our home environment. We miss the food, the people, the routines, all that makes life feel at ease and normal. In our Wilderness worship series, we look at the experience of being in the difficult terrains of life. The Wilderness can be spiritual or emotional, it can be financial or job related.


The Israelites get homesick in the wilderness and throughout their years of wandering. Here they have been set free by God, blessed by a dramatic escape from Pharaoh’s army in the Exodus, and they are surprised to find a new life is harder than they imagined. Isn’t that often our human condition? They grow tired of the manna God supplies. God has provided abundantly for them, but they grow weary of the same food day after day. They begin to miss the diet of Egypt and all that felt familiar, even though it came at a high price of a life of slavery and captivity. How quickly we forget what God has done for us!

How important it is to remember how God is working in our lives and in our world. We’ll talk Sunday about how we let go of past behavior and emotions when we’re homesick. We’ll look at how we recognize and expect the help of God through the harder moments of change. Join us Sunday as we worship the God who leads us through our wilderness times.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church

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