Maybe some of you will identify with this, but do you ever get cranky when you are hungry? I have to confess it happens to me quite easily. My family recognizes this and starts telling to eat something that will raise my blood sugar and lower my whining. So what happens when we are hungry for the wrong thing in life? Perhaps we are so hungry for success that it comes at the cost of important relationships? Or pits us against others at work or in our own family?


We’re launching a worship series called “Hungry” that looks at stories about food in the Bible. Sometimes our hungers or desires drive us to do things that are unhealthy for us. Sometimes our hungers lead to rash decisions or to say things we really don’t mean. All of us have been the victim of someone’s unrestrained hunger that left either damage or a very sour taste for us. On Sunday, we look at two brothers, Jacob and Esau, whose hunger gets them in great trouble, the kind of conflict that creates a terrible estrangement. We’ll talk about how God helps move us through these difficult moments and builds a hunger for reconciliation. We’ll also talk about how God embraces us when we are caught in that tension between being the victim and the betrayer. We have all lived in both places. We worship Sunday to know God’s powerful presence that rebuilds lives and relationships.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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