We continue our “Hungry” worship series as we look at our appetites for meaning and finding the balance for living a healthy life. Think of your own experience of being in a powerful place: at work, in the church, in the community, perhaps through your leadership and involvement or your position. Did you ever experience the temptation to take a short-cut?  Have you ever found yourself using your power to do something unethical? Were you confronted by what you had done?  Sunday we look at courageous confrontation in scripture, where the prophet Nathan challenges King David following his abuse of power and rape of Bathsheba. He actually uses a story of food to drive home his point. Nathan helps David see where he crossed a line, and what God’s justice demands of him. It’s tough to confront others and it’s painful to be confronted.


Most of us actually have more power than we think. We all carry a certain amount of economic power in our spending and consumption choices and habits. As we reflect in our “Hungry” series, we’ll talk about how the economic hungers in our life connect with our faith.  Our culture is usually hungry for low-cost, inexpensive consumer goods and food.  Business is often looking at ways to cut labor costs that can positively affect the bottom line.  Is there a cost and a justice issue in our economic lives and in our spiritual selves? We may not always see the labor source of the products and food that we enjoy.  Yet the Bible is full of stories of people who spoke truth to power, challenging economic practices that did spiritual and material damage to people’s lives. Paul’s arguments on this caused a riot in Ephesus. Prophets like Amos evoke the ire of religious and political leaders.  Jesus railed against the power and economics of the money changers in the temple.  They all got in trouble for what they said, but they touched on matters of faithful living that still move in our lives today.  Join us Sunday as we worship God who knows our deepest hungers and ultimately provides the only satisfying solution for how we live and believe.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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