The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want….
These familiar, concise words from Psalm 23 speak a powerful affirmation of trust. We’re told in these verses who God is and what God does for us.


We know that we need much in life. As a pastor, each week I have conversations with people who are longing to discover how God can be their shepherd. Anxiety, fear and scarcity touch all of our lives. We have to deal with personal challenges as well as the immense struggles of our world and its unfolding chaos. What’s odd is that the world we habitate constantly tells us how much more we need and should desire. The messages we hear are so often about what we are lacking and missing, what we truly need to make our lives complete and exciting. Yet, in God’s presence, all that we need is available to us.


What do you need right now? God can handle it. What dark places are you walking through? God will lead you. Are you in a place where you are threatened by hostile or difficult people? God has gifts and help that can calm us in the midst of these stressful moments so that, even when surrounded by our adversaries and enemies, we can feast on what God gives us. Sunday, we meet and worship God who is our shepherd.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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