This Sunday marks one of my favorite Sundays of the year. This day, the church celebrates our heritage by giving a Bible to each of our 3rd graders. At the 9:30 am service, we will acknowledge the vital role the Bible plays in laying the foundation of faith and learning for each Christian. We recognize that a life of faith is grounded in God’s sacred word given to us through the tradition of the church and passed down over the thousands of years from one generation to the next. We encourage our children, youth and adults to read and study God’s word through small group study.

During August, our sermon series has been following the scriptures our children are also studying through their Sunday school curriculum. From the Old Testament, we learn the Shema that teaches us to Love God with all our heart, mind, body and soul. The 23rd Psalm is a poem of such striking emotion that millions know it by heart and turn to it for comfort. This Sunday we turn to the New Testament and look at one of the pivotal scriptures in the Gospel of John declaring the depth of God’s love for all of us. “For God so loved the world…..”

Scripture lays the foundation of our faith and is a key to understanding who we are as the people of God. This scripture comforts many and disturbs others. Join us as we explore the meaning of these words.

The Ignite service at 11:15 will examine the question, “Is God still speaking?” We read scripture for information and for insight in our daily lives. We are exploring some of the principles behind studying scripture and this Sunday we look at how the meaning of scripture is often caught in metaphors and meanings hidden in plain sight. We will look at one way called “Lectio Divina” – sacred reading of scriptures – as a method for soaking our hearts into the word of God.

Andrea Andress
Associate Pastor for Spiritual Formation of Children and Families

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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