On Sunday, August 16, 10 smiling third graders received a brand new “SPLASH” Deep Blue Bible from Paradise Valley United Methodist Church Children’s Ministries Team. The children and their parents, along with their more mature 4th grade classmates, attended a Bible Blast following the presentation of the Bibles during 9:30 am worship in the sanctuary.


“This Sunday marks one of my favorite Sundays of the year,” Rev. Andrea Andress said. “This day, the church celebrates our heritage by giving a Bible to each of our 3rd graders.”


The gift shows how much this church treasures the word of God and how much we want our children to learn the foundation of our faith, found in the Holy Bible. “We acknowledge the vital role the Bible plays in laying the foundation of faith and learning for each Christian,” said Pastor Andrea. “We recognize that a life of faith is grounded in God’s sacred word given to us through the tradition of the church and passed down over the thousands of years from one generation to the next. We encourage our children, youth and adults to read and study God’s word through small group study.” The Bible Blast was their first introduction to their own Bibles.


Christian education is important at PVUMC. We offer classes for children as young as two years old, and as old as 12th grade. The education opportunities continue for adults as well, with a variety of classes offered on Sunday mornings and during the week. Click here to read more about children’s classes offered this fall at PVUMC.


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