At all three worship services in September, we’ll be looking at some Epic Bible stories. From the story of creation to the Tower of Babel, these Genesis stories portray God as powerful. God does BIG things, Epic things.


These Bible stories are some of the most well known, and echo the stories in other religious traditions and cultures. They tell about how life began, and how evil entered the world. They talk about the covenant we have with God as his people, and about how diversity can divide us as well as bind us together.


More than ever, we need to feel God’s power, and believe that, even today, God does BIG things, epic things. Join us as we explore how these ancient stories define us and our faith. They are full of surprises and hidden insights. Join us as we unwrap the Epic stories of Genesis:


  • Creation
  • Adam & Eve (Good & Evil)
  • Noah & the Flood
  • Tower of Babel

Visit our upcoming sermons page for scriptures and sermon titles during the month of September.



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