There are moments when creation simply takes our breath away. You’ve had those times, when the beauty and wonder of nature reflects so clearly the handiwork of God. I’m thankful for sunrises and sunsets that seem to be God’s special gift to Arizona. I’ll confess I never knew the desert had so much beauty until I moved here and now I would not live in any other place. Psalm 8 ponders the mystery and majesty of God’s world: “When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them?” All of us have felt that sentiment; it is truly the praise of God.

We begin a new worship series on Sunday. It’s called “Epic.” We will look at the epic stories in early Genesis: creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, the tower of Babel. In these stories, God does big, indeed, epic things for the world. We’ll talk about what this says to us about God’s character and relationship with our world.

We also want to remember that God still does big things in our lives and through us. These epic stories are not only about the human condition but they tell us much about God. For instance, the creation story says that all of us living on earth are so fully dependent upon God for life. We easily lose sight of that reality and find ourselves in trouble. Creation began through God’s work and God’s great desire to be in relationship with emerging life. The God who worked at the cosmic level still desires to be in intimate relationship with us to nourish our faith. God still does big things in our world and God will use us to do significant work and bless the world. Join us Sunday as we look at how can do just that today.


Pastor Dave Summers

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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