On Sunday, September 13, PVUMC will distribute the Fall 2015 Pathways Guidebook.


Pathways is PVUMC’s approach to faith formation and spiritual growth at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church. Whether Christianity is new to you, or whether you are a lifelong Christian, there’s a pathway for you.


Each of us is a unique composition of interwoven heart, mind, soul and strength, with varying degrees of these characteristics appearing at different points in our life. Step on the path and seek greater understanding of who God is, and who you are as a disciple of Christ. Illuminate the way for others to see Christ in you. Be Christ’s hands and feet in our community and world.



We invite you to join us on this spiritual journey of transformation, where Christ can shape and enrich your heart, mind, soul and strength, in all the fullness of God’s love and grace.


Our Mission: Alive with the Spirit, we bring God’s love into action, by igniting faith, transforming lives and creating community.
Our Vision: Love that crosses all barriers and embraces all people.


The booklet lists all the ways you can grow, deepen and live your faith in community at PVUMC. Many of the opportunities are weekly classes, meeting with small groups of people who yearn to have a deeper relationship with Christ and with each other in Chrisitan community, and many are led by members of our church, under the Adult Learning Ministry Team umbrella. Others, like those under “Soul,” are under the Transformational Living Ministry Team, and include Enneagram classes. Under “Strength,” you’ll find a variety of mission opportunities, as well as ways to get involved with activities led by the Valley Interfatih Project and our own Church and Society Ministry Team. Pick up your copy at the church, or, if you can’t wait to see what’s offered, Click here to download your copy of the Fall 2015 Pathways Guidebook. 


Pathways is PVUMC’s discipleship model to foster spiritual growth and formation. Our goal is to develop relational connections across all ages and lifestyles, from youth, young adults, and families to seniors, to build faith and overcome isolation and loneliness. We will foster faith formation that will be inviting, welcoming and nourishing to persons, both inside and outside the church. Read more about our mission, vision and strategic plan by clicking here.



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