Noah and the ark is a classic Bible story: flood, huge ark, lots of animals, a corrupt world versus a righteous man. High stakes and high drama. Just a few generations after Adam and Eve, the world has disintegrated. Noah is an upright man whom God calls to help. The story has been a childhood favorite for years. I know I have a collection of arks and animals that have been a part of our home for some time. As we continue in our series called Epic, we’re again looking at how God does big, monumental things. God still does epic work in our world. God can and will do epic work in our lives and use us to accomplish God’s largest purposes. We want to live as people who expect big things from God!


We know about floods. They still wreak havoc in our world. The power of water unleashed can bring devastation that we are often unable to control. We’ve seen that recently and the damage brought by unrestrained floodwaters. As we look at the Noah story we’ll remember that God can make big requests of any one of us. All that God needs is a servant’s heart on our part. God may need us to save a corner of the world in which we work. God may call us address a situation of sin, suffering or disaster. God may need us to save someone who is drowning in a place of despair and trouble. What I love about Noah is that he listens to God. Then he trusts God enough to act faithfully. He trusts that God will be with him, despite the difficult times ahead, despite the derision and ridicule he faced for building the ark, despite the monumental task before him. We would want to live this kind of faith. And Sunday we’ll worship God who asks much of us and accompanies us through any storm and flood life can bring.


Pastor Dave Summers

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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