Why Do We Have a Church Library?

by Martha Rinne for the Library Focus Group

Given that we live in an ever-advancing information age, where quick access to all kinds of information is readily available online and in multiple digital formats, you may ask, “Why does the church bother to provide a library at all?” Good question.


PVUMC continues to improve and maintain a library for several reasons. “We are a compassionate congregation of readers and thinkers” remains true as our church library mantra. Four years ago, in 2011, the library’s adult collection was fully revitalized as part of the Library Improvement Initiative Phase I. Phase II followed with the cataloging of the church’s historical archives, as well as the revitalization of the children’s collection. And just recently, Phase III was completed, resulting in a full updating of the reference collection. Library initiatives are privately funded whereby there is no cost to the church.


As a result of the initiatives, the dusty, outdated books are gone, replaced by new collections of books on current topics of interest that impact our lives and our church. The church library is a teaching tool, important to the informational studies for the clergy, the individual, the class, and the congregation. The library supports the mission of the church as well as the growth of individual members’ faith. The library provides books for the homebound. The library provides what we believe to be a far better alternative to the common internet searching of “the WIKIS,” i.e., Wikipedia, which are collaborative public projects that cannot guarantee the verifiability or expertise of their entries.


Friendly Reminder Regarding Return of Church Library Books

The good news: The Library Focus Group is delighted to report a notable surge in the use of the church library during the last fiscal year (2014-2015).

The bad news: The report also shows that the library took a substantial hit during this same time period due to the cost of replacing a high volume of unreturned overdue books. Overdue notices are routinely sent to patrons via email or phone. The costly expense of replacing books results in a significant decrease in the acquisition of new releases.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. We strive to keep the library collections current, diverse, and available to all patrons.
Search the library online at https://www.librarycat.org/lib/PVUMCLibrary.

Instructions for checking out books and other information are available at the checkout table on the north wall of the library (room G2). The library is open for browsing and checkout anytime the room is not in use.

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