Do you recall the old story of the Tower of Babel? In the early days of Bible history, there is an intriguing account of humans building a large city with plans for a tall, tall tower, reaching to the heavens. Human ingenuity and inventiveness is always working, it seems. The story tells us that in this time all people spoke one language. Then God steps in, concerned that this enterprising group of humans is trying to make a name for themselves and will come to believe there is nothing they cannot do. God scatters the builders and new languages emerge.


The immediate consequence is that people can no longer communicate easily with one another. In a deep sense this is a story about the origins of our diversity, our languages, ethnicities and geographies. It is a story that affirms God is the creative source of our differences. In other words, our differences are holy, given, directed, and blessed by God. This intriguing story would invite us to celebrate, embrace and value our distinctiveness in language, geography and culture.

The Tower of Babel also reflects our natural proclivity to build and create. Perhaps that is partly what it means to be made in the image of God. The question always for us, is whether we are building and creating what God wants and intends? You might pause and think today, “What is God building in my life right now?” Can you see clearly what God is fashioning and constructing in you? As we talk about the epic work of God in our world, we know this is a very personal glimpse into our own heart and soul, where God is building a faithful response to our world. Through us God will build love and construct hope. Through us God will create faith, in both small and large ways. Within and through us, God will build new ways to bring God’s love into action in our world. Worship with us Sunday as we celebrate much and discover in new ways what God is want to building in us.


Pastor Dave Summers

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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