During the month of October, 2015, we’re reminded of trees. In most of the USA, the leaves are changing color according to the season. While we may not experience autumn in the same way, we can remember that we are all a bit like trees, changing from season to season, growing roots, and branching out as our family tree grows.


Our worship series this month looks at how God made a covenant with the Israelites — Abraham’s family — and how God persistently worked through this Bibilical family to reveal God to others.


Even in the most difficult times, God remained faithful to Abraham and his family tree. When marriage was challenging, parenting hard, and siblings fought, God continued to bless this family.


Today, God continues to bless our families, helping us through the tough times that we all go through as part of a family. God surprises us with blessings, even when life is messy.


Join us in October as we look at how God works through Abraham’s family to strengthen their faith. We are all part of the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And we are the ones God will use to form the next branch of the faithful family tree.


Visit our upcoming sermons page for scriptures and sermon titles during the month of October.

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