Marriage can be an amazing and complicated relationship. Love can bring great joy, but we also know that marriage and family life can be messy. God cares deeply about our families, and God is always involved in our relationships of love.  We can read in the Bible how God works through many families, even (or especially) the dysfunctional ones. Any of us who have been married know how hard and rewarding it can be.  I appreciate the honest look the Bible gives us around the struggles and joys of being part of a family.  It is a glimpse of some imperfect people who find God keeps working in their family circumstances no matter what.  Now, you may be single.  You may have had a difficult experience in marriage, or feel little interest in being married in the future.  However, all of us are a part of families in some way. All of us have married friends who may need our counsel or loving support in a challenging family situation.


Sunday we’ll be looking at Abraham and Sarah, their relationship with God and each other, and what God does through them. For both Abraham and Sarah, a covenantal love is formed that blesses them, their family and the world through them.


We begin our new worship series, The Family Tree, looking at several families in the Bible and their internal dynamics around love, conflict, faithfulness and getting along.  All of these families will discover how God works in their difficult and loving relationships, just as God works through us and our families, whatever shape and form they may take. Join us as we meet and know God’s care for all of us, for all families, and for the faithful ways God finds and helps us.


Pastor Dave Summers

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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